Work with Amy

Transformomma Therapy

The Collective Mother Wound needs healing. It's enough already. After 50 years of being either on the giving or receiving end of this vibration, I am taking the terrible mother that my mother still is and blending it with the beautiful mother I am growing to become and capturing all of that energy to transform the ugliest, most unconscious hate into the deepest, truest, most conscious love. 

If you are a mother, or have a mother, this transformational work is for you. Bring your mom or your child. Heck, bring both! Whatever we do not heal in our own psyche gets passed down to our kids. These are the grossest, highest priced hand-me-downs ever. I know. I have worn them and also handed them down. They don't wear well, fit well, nor are they sustainable. 

I offer the safe space needed for you to heal the mother wound energy. A space to release all of the ancestral and personal shame, guilt and blame so you can be and feel like the mother you always wanted to have. I don't judge. Ever. I've felt it all. I'll help you. We can do this together.

60/90 minutes $140/$200

Online or Woods Walk

Craniosacral Therapy

Directly impacting the nervous system and the immune system, CST supports the body's innate ability to self-correct to homeostasis, as well as to optimal structure and function of soft tissue, bones and bodily systems. Amy further uses CST as a tool of Consciousness, cultivating connected relationships with the trillions of cells that make up the physical body, supporting full spectrum healing on a cellular level. Presenting herself to clients with the understanding that the body is always whole and has an inner wisdom at the helm, Amy supports healing where dysregulation typically begins - with our thoughts and beliefs.

60/90 minutes $140/$200


Consciousness Therapy

Ready to see yourself? Be yourself? This work is for those committed to deep psyche exploration and the significant change it can bring. Identify and explore dysfunctional patterns and belief systems as Amy intuitively supports you to compassionately re-frame your past experiences, live fully in the present, and un-frame your future. 

60/90 minutes $140/$200

Online or Woods Walk

Intuition Personal Training

No need to hit the gym for this work-out with your intuitive muscles. Similar to how a bicep or hamstring needs physical training for peak performance, our intuition is an energetic muscle that needs developing and strengthening for optimal use. Get in touch with your higher self through your body as Amy helps you connect with and understand your unique inner communicator. 

30 minutes $70

Online or Woods Walk

Woods Walk sessions take place on the Robert Frost Trail in Amherst at Echo Hill. Enjoy a blend of consciousness & ecotherapy while moving your body and emotions!