Distance CranioSacral Therapy

After many years of practicing CST in person, 2020 invited me to see things differently. I could either suspend working for who knew how long or I could expand my perspective and make a change. Obviously I voted for the latter. While I always understood CST to be an energetic modality, energy isn't something that got talked about when I started my training in 2005. Energy healing can be a tricky subject for those who want proof in data form. I get it. There's something reassuring about seeing proof of exactly how things work. But my personal experience with CST, which led me to becoming a practitioner, was a different kind of proof.


Before trying CST I had endured years of debilitating and beyond painful migraines. They interrupted my life on an almost daily basis and I felt captive to their whim. I first went the "ist" route - I visited neurologists and behaviorists and psychiatrists and nothing alleviated the pain and disruption in my life. I finally went to a Craniosacral therapist (I didn't really believe it would work, but I was desperate and had already tried everything else) and lo and behold the migraines disappeared after only 5 sessions. I was dumbfounded. How could this be? This experience opened me up to, well, to a lot of things I didn't know existed. I learned about food as medicine, meditation, how our thoughts create our physical experience, and a whole lot of other things. Ok, I didn't learn it all at once, it's taken years to assemble the toolbox I now use. And I am still learning and adding tools all the time.


So while I understand that data proof is important, I am much more influenced by experiential proof. CST re-connected me to my body and to healing, and while the research of how it actually "works" (quantum physics) is currently coming to consciousness, I see no need to wait until it becomes a peer reviewed study to begin healing. Below is the simplest example I can give as to how distance CST works. If this resonates for you, that's great and I'd love to work with you. If not, that's great too.

A lot of people: I don't understand how distance CST works. Please explain.

Amy: You got it. It's all about energy. I can sit in observational, non-judgmental, attuned presence with you regardless of our physical proximity. Energy doesn't care about human concepts of time and space. The simplest example I can give is resonant with how a radio works. A radio receiver picks up radio waves (which are invisible) and can be intentionally tuned into a specific radio station. The result of this focused intention is that instead of the chaos of static, we hear the coherence of a song. It is our attention that affects an outcome.

In the exact same fashion we can set our focused intention on literally anything in the Universe, (even if it's invisible) resulting in an inevitable interaction and inevitable change. I put that focused attention on YOU, supporting your body in what it is designed to do - self-correct to homeostasis. We collaborate for the win-win. Also. Many of my clients actually now prefer to receive their CST while in the snuggly comfort of their own bed!

This article is pretty math and science-y, but it explains a lot about how CST, consciousness and water work together to affect therapeutic outcomes. 

Advanced Craniosacral Therapy: A Combination of Quantum Theories and Einstein’s Relativities