"Craniosacral therapy at a distance may sound impossible -- but I've had Amy's super excellent craniosacral therapy both in person (for years) and at a distance (more recently) and I can honestly say that the distance work is even more powerful than her hands-on work. In fact I can actually feel as if her hands are on my head. From time to time during a session I will tell her where I can feel her working and it almost always connects. Her work has to be experienced to be believed. In 40 years of working in holistic health care myself, I've had many different practitioners work on me with a variety of modalities, and Amy stands out as one of the best!"


Begabati Lennihan, RN CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) Arlington, MA

"Remote craniosacral work with Amy allows me to fully relax in my own space and open up to receive healing. I feel grounded, calm and more able to connect with my self and what my system is telling me." 

Alyssa, Medford, MA

​"Amy has given me Craniosacral Therapy on and off for eight years. Her gifted hands have helped me immensely to deal with fibromyalgia, to heal a very old tailbone injury from a horseback-riding fall and to alleviate neck and jaw problems. I'm very particular about who touches me; Amy is a powerful and powerfully kind woman who guides her healing energy to work with my own. Her work is a gift."

Denise, Chelsea, MA

"Amy is a highly insightful spiritual and life guide. I saw her for a session and she helped me stabilize my emotions. Any conversation with her results in wisdom. She helps you find the answer that's inside you, waiting to come​ to the surface."


Eric, Cambridge, MA

"I feel very grateful to have found Amy and recommend her highly for her Craniosacral work. She is fantastic!  I took my newborn son to see her and it has been a really positive experience. Amy’s commitment to her work and her skill were evident in her interactions with my son.  He was always calm, happy, and curious at the sessions. I don’t remember him crying once. After each session he was calm, slept well, and I feel that we have made great progress with the treatments, progress that otherwise would not have been possible. The treatments I had myself always left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We traveled an hour each way to see Amy, because of how good she is." 


Paulina, Framingham, MA